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Innovative industrial digital toolsa

Defining and build an industrial digital management process to simplify and make more efficient complex processes.

The value we bring a

High performing
product team
Our team collaborated with the client to efficiently understand the problem space and build a feasible solution.
Simplifying complex processes
Our team mapped the complex system was a critical step to understand  the business and conceptualise the digital solution. 
Critical user
Interfaces designed to make complex process easier to comprehend and minimise errors.
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The challenge

IDS is an international timber exporting yard based out of Melbourne, Australia. With a growing complex system to manage their international export trade, they needed a digital solution that streamline their process and set them for success in the future. 

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What we did

We partner with IDS to facilitate the digitalisation of their complex systems, which would enable them to be resilient and continue thriving.

We built a tool that transforms dense information into bite-size digestible experiences, and complex systems coordination in a streamlined process.

The results

We defined a tool that transformed complex systems into easy-to-learn flows designed with the user in the centre. The new tool improves comprehension of the complicated processes, facilitates learning and minimises errors.

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