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Experiment to de-risk ideasa

Supporting business to validate their product concepts without high-cost commitments

The value we bring a

De-risk strategy
Testing product strategy in a rapid and cost-efficient way to de-risk future investments.
Real user feedback
Fast no-code build unlocks real audience feedback about the product in real context.
Build with no-code
A real user experience that replicates complex product features without code.
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The challenge

Shilo is a successful HR consultancy. In they journey to growth, they were looking for a way to optimise and scale the client acquisition process. Automating the currently manual consultation process seemed like the logical next step.

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What we did

We mapped the existing hypotheses around that idea, and transformed them into no-code experiments. We build a simulation of the digital consultation process using Typeform and launched a Google add campaign to learn and test market fit fast and cheap, without investing in big development .

The results

Running the experiment for a month provided the data supporting the insight that automating the manual consultation process wasn’t matching the user needs within the HR industry. This low cost experiment prevented the client from committing to a high resource - high risk investment that wouldn’t succeed in the market.

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