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Social Impact

Generating opportunities for alla

Supporting people with disabilities and their networks in their journey to a successful job.

The value we bring a

Social impact
The goal of Brite is to help succeed disability people in their employment journeys
Design, engineering and product collaborate close together through ideation and delivery
Delightful UX
User experience was key to enable goals of adoption and ease of use
Fast go to market
Our collaborative approach enables a faster go to market for startups
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The challenge

The client is an organisation that helps people with disabilities with training and builds community support around them as they enter the workforce.

It all began when a group of parents and carers saw a need for an inclusive workplace and an environment that supported the needs of people with varying abilities and skills. For more than 40 years,  the client has been empowering and changing the futures of countless individuals by providing them with employment, education and related services.

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What we did

We researched, built and launch Brite’s vision of a simple social media application that supports its clients and their networks, with the aim of more resilience and success in job placements.

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