The value we bring a

We implemented agile strategies to scale up  business and achieve successful growth while maintaining high product quality and efficiency.
We ensure the safety of both the organisation and its employees' data by integrating it securely into the HRIS system.
User experience
We designed thoughtfully the product experience prioritising customer feedback, to ensure satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.
Build to learn
We improved user satisfaction by continuously learning from customers who use the product in an iterative manner.
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The challenge

Organisations are struggling to retain talent, and don’t understand the needs of their workforce. There is still no visibility over needs and untapped potential, and turnover will keep increasing, and continue to trend up.

Everest helped SeenCulture validate its B2B2B business model and gather client feedback.

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What we did

Our team automated the B2B2B process from customer onboarding to survey distribution, designing and building an app that allows HR managers and employees to easily launch, view and make decisions based on survey outcomes at both organisational and individual levels.

The results

SeenCulture is a platform that enhances employee performance and makes them feel valued. It also assists leaders in decision-making and succession planning.

By tracking and measuring culture, organisations can identify untapped talents and potential risks. We recently launched with two clients, WT and Hassel, to gather feedback and attract investors for investment in SeenCulture.

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