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Bugbox: Code Playground

Robotics made easy for kidsa

Fun and interactive platform to introduce school kids to coding and robotics

The value we bring a

Thinking beyond
We help the founder  to understand and strategize problems beyond just the interface
Humanise tech
Simplified the technical jargons to a more appealing language easy  to understand by anyone
Easy to use
Constant focus to create simple product which is self explanatory with guide to 
IoT integration
Integrated with the Arduino robots to create a cohesive experience for the students
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The challenge

Bugbox provides classroom modules to schools to introduce robotics in line with STEM. This required them to use multiple tools which complicated the process and used a lot of technical jargons. 

The experience was fragmented which led to confusion and delayed the process. Had difficulties to retain the attention span of children.

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What we did

In 2 months, we designed and build a solution which makes the process faster and reduced the number of steps. A simplified interface with guided steps and fun interactions and character to make the process fun and interactive. 

The results

We build in short time a compelling product that Bugbox founder can present to schools. With the new solution, the process is faster, more cohesive and optimised for the children using simplified language with helpful text, fun characters for a humane touch, and automatic saving for information retention.

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